‘The Famous F40’ Vector Illustration by David Rumfelt

Matt Sephton:

I was looking through some old Macintosh CD-ROMs, searching for my usual things that I do whenever I add new discs to my collection: hanafuda, specific artists, favourite software, plugins for said favourite software, and so on. Whilst I was deep in the filesystem I stumbled across some old sample files from Deneba Canvas and noticed how they were all credited to the artist.

Intrigue got the better of me so I did a quick google and came up with a post on the Canvas GFX website (yes, the software still exists!) about David Rumfelt and his most famous work: a cutaway illustration of a Ferrari F40. [...]

Maybe this will transport you back through time to when you were young!?

Indeed, this took me back in time so clearly that it might as well have been a DeLorean, not a Ferrari.

Friday, 11 August 2023