Twitter/X’s Descent Into an Antisemitic Cesspool

David Leavitt:

Public reminder that @elonmusk wants you to falsely believe there isn’t antisemitism on X, and refuses to remove hateful comments and accounts.

Leavitt posted screenshots to two “After reviewing the available information, we want to let you know [account] hasn’t broken our safety policies” notices from Twitter’s content moderators — one for the account “@J3wsAreBad”, the other for “@gasthejews6969”. I won’t link to either account, but I checked and both are indeed active actual usernames. (J3wsAreBad’s “real” name: “✨J3wsRapeK1ds✨”.)

If you’re unfortunate enough to be working as a content moderator at Twitter, these should be two of the easiest reports of your day to deal with. You don’t even need to look at any of their tweets — both of their usernames should be sufficient on their face to just delete them. No warnings, no suspension, just nuke them. There should be no more question whether these accounts should be deleted than there is whether a turd ought to be scooped off the sidewalk. But no, these accounts are welcome on Twitter.

This has nothing to do with any sort of reasonable criticism of or disagreement with the Anti-Defamation League. This is about a big blinking “Welcome Nazis” neon sign. Antisemitism is more than just a form of bigotry and hatred, it’s a millennia-old conspiratorial crackpot worldview. And Elon Musk is seemingly sinking into it.

Wednesday, 6 September 2023