Today Is Release Day for iOS 17 and Its Sibling OS’s

MacOS 14 Sonoma is coming next Tuesday, September 26, but all the other annual new major versions of Apple’s platforms are out today: iOS and iPadOS 17, WatchOS 10 (which really rejiggers the way WatchOS is organized), tvOS 17, and the iOS 17 “firmware” variant for HomePods.

Also, today marks the availability of the new 6 and 12 TB storage tiers for iCloud+. I’m glad to see Apple offer these tiers — it’s long seemed a bit odd that a services-focused company had no tiers above 2 TB. (Disappointingly, none of the iCloud storage tiers have increased in size — the free tier remains a measly 5 GB and the $1/month plan just 50 GB.)

Monday, 18 September 2023