My Current Action Button Shortcut: Mute Toggle When Face Down, Otherwise Launch Camera

In my review, I wrote about creating a Shortcuts workflow for the iPhone 15 Pro Action button that showed a menu on screen offering options to launch the Camera app or toggle silent mode. After publishing, I came up with something better:

  • If the phone is face down or in portrait mode upside-down (like, say, if it’s in my pocket), toggle Silent mode.
    • When going from silent mode off to on, vibrate the phone for feedback.
  • Otherwise, launch the Camera app.

Still requires Sindre Sorhus’s free Actions utility from the App Store, for the ability to do different things based on the current state of silent mode. (I only want the phone to vibrate when going from sound on to sound off.)

iCloud links for the two shortcuts:

Friday, 22 September 2023