X Rolls Out New ‘Chumbox’ Ad Format – Post-Like Things That Can’t Be Reported or Blocked

Matt Binder, reporting for Mashable:

Mashable has confirmed this ad format with numerous users from across X and have seen a variety of different ads running this bizarre new format that just consists of written copy text, a photo, and a fake avatar that’s sole purpose is to make the ad look like an organically posted tweet.

The type of content being promoted in the ads that Mashable has viewed appear to be consistent with ads found in spammy, low quality “chumbox” advertising — typically defined as those clickbait ads found at the bottom of posts on content farm sites — made popular by native ad networks like Taboola.

“This Seems Unbelievable, But Happens in Dubai Everyday” reads one ad that takes users to a third-party content mill website, overloaded with ads of its own. “These Incredibly Cool Gadgets That Are Going To Sell Out This Year. Action Now!” and “If you suffer from ringing ears (Tinnitus) you’re going to love this recent breakthrough” are other examples of some of the content found in these X ads.

Yaccarino keeps claiming that X is on the upswing, but looking at the actual content — especially the ads — says otherwise. These new “chumbox” ads are bottom-of-the-barrel stuff, the sort of ads I’d expect to see on a third-rate Twitter knock-off site like Truth Social. X itself now feels like a third-rate Twitter knock-off.

I fully expect them to continue scraping right through the bottom of the barrel and go even lower.

Friday, 6 October 2023