Jason Snell Reviews the iPhones 15 Pro

Jason Snell, writing at Six Colors:

I recently went to a football game (it was a beautiful day in Berkeley, California) and was trying to figure out where my wife had gone — we were separately looking for concessions amid the rattle and hum of a busy stadium walkway. Then I remembered we both had new iPhone 15 models, and I opened Find My — the app that lets you find all that you can’t leave behind — and enabled the remarkable new UWB-powered feature that lets you find nearby friends. Not only did I almost immediately discover that she was to my right (so I began heading that way), but she was also notified that I was looking for her. We found each other and had fun doing it!

I neglected to mention this feature in my review, but I tested it, and it really did work as advertised. Almost freakishly accurate.

Snell wraps up his review with a good summary for how much new stuff you can expect to enjoy when upgrading from each successive year of Pro iPhones from the 11 onward.

Monday, 9 October 2023