Daniel Dilger Was Rescued After a Bad Accident Thanks to Apple Watch Crash Detection

Daniel Eran Dilger, writing at AppleInsider:

I’m not the first person to be saved by paramedics alerted by an emergency call initiated by Crash Detection. There have also been complaints of emergency workers inconvenienced by false alert calls related to events including roller coasters, where the user didn’t cancel the emergency call in time.

But I literally have some skin in the game with this new feature because Crash Detection called in an emergency response for me as I was unconscious and bleeding on the sidewalk, alone and late at night. According to calls it made, I was picked up and on my way to an emergency room within half an hour.

Because my accident occurred in a potentially dangerous and somewhat secluded area, I would likely have bled to death if the call hadn’t been automatically placed.

Man, what a harrowing story. Best wishes to Dilger for a speedy recovery.

Tuesday, 7 November 2023