New Features for Final Cut Pro for Mac and iPad

Apple Newsroom yesterday:

Today Apple announced updates to Final Cut Pro across Mac and iPad, offering powerful new features that help streamline workflows. Final Cut Pro now includes improvements in timeline navigation and organization, as well as new ways to simplify complex edits. The apps leverage the power-efficient performance of Apple silicon along with an all-new machine learning model for Object Tracker, and export speeds are turbocharged on Mac models powered by multiple media engines. Final Cut Pro for iPad brings new features to further enhance the portable Multi-Touch editing experience, including support for voiceover recording, expanded in-app content options, added color-grading presets, and workflow improvements. These updates to Final Cut Pro will be available later this month on the App Store.

I mentioned last week that video editors took notice that Apple’s behind-the-scenes look at their “Scary Fast” keynote showed the film being editing in Premiere Pro, not Final Cut Pro, and that it wasn’t helping allay the fears of Final Cut Pro devotees that Apple was losing interest in it, a la the still-lamented Aperture.

It occurred to me then that the best evidence that Apple remains keenly committed to Final Cut Pro is that they (finally?) ported it, along with Logic Pro, to the iPad earlier this year — and that the iPad versions are good.

Now, as if on cue, Apple has announced significant feature updates to Final Cut Pro (and Logic Pro) for both Mac and iPad.

Tuesday, 7 November 2023