CNN: ‘FAA Keeps Boeing’s 737 Max 9 Grounded as It Reviews Inspections and Data’

Pete Muntean, reporting for CNN:

The Federal Aviation Administration said on Friday that after reviewing Boeing’s instructions for inspecting grounded 737 Max 9 planes, it has decided to seek more information before allowing the plan to proceed. In a statement, FAA also said it would keep the Boeing 737 Max 9 “grounded until extensive inspection and maintenance is conducted and data from inspections is reviewed.”

The announcement comes exactly one week after the dramatic in-flight incident on Alaska Airlines flight 1282, when a part called a door plug was blown off the side of the plane. [...] 171 of the planes remain grounded in the United States as airlines Alaska and United await updated emergency inspection guidance from the FAA.

The FAA, yesterday:

After taking decisive and immediate action to ground approximately 171 Boeing 737-9 MAX planes, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today announced new and significant actions to immediately increase its oversight of Boeing production and manufacturing. These actions come one day after the FAA formally notified Boeing that the FAA has launched an investigation into the company as a result of last Friday’s incident on a Boeing Model 737-9 MAX in which the aircraft lost a passenger door plug while in flight.

Something has gone deeply wrong at Boeing, a once-great company. This is exactly the sort of situation where government regulators are needed: for issues pertaining to safety.

Saturday, 13 January 2024