Hey Calendar

My thanks to Hey for sponsoring this week at DF to promote their new Hey Calendar.

Back in 2020 Hey launched their email service with a completely fresh take on a category that hadn’t seen anything new in forever. I’ve been subscribed since it launched, and still find it like nothing else. Their “screener” feature alone is worth it: get an email from someone you never want to see email from again? Just screen them out with a single thumbs-down button click. Those emails aren’t trashed, and they aren’t flagged as spam — they’re screened out of your inbox (or in Hey’s terms, imbox), but they remain in a “Screened Out” mailbox just in case. Every email app should have something like this.

Now they’ve done the same with calendaring. The all-new Hey Calendar brings flexibility, personality, and a radical new point of view to the boring old grid of dates.

So Hey is now both email and a calendar, all-in-one. As you may have heard, they’ve got an all-new mobile app for Hey Calendar. too. Check out how much better things can be at HEY.com.

Saturday, 20 January 2024