Jury Orders Trump to Pay E. Jean Carroll $83.3 Million for Years of Defamation

The New York Times:

On Friday, Roberta A. Kaplan, a lawyer for Ms. Carroll, asked the jury in a crisp and methodical summation to award her client at least $24 million to help Ms. Carroll repair her reputation and to compensate her for the emotional harm Mr. Trump had inflicted with his attacks.

Ms. Kaplan also asked the jury to award substantial punitive damages to deter Mr. Trump from continuing to attack Ms. Carroll. Ms. Kaplan did not specify an amount, but she noted that Mr. Trump, in an excerpt from a video deposition played for the jury, estimated that his brand alone was worth “maybe $10 billion” and that he placed the value of various of his real estate properties at $14 billion.

“Donald Trump is worth billions of dollars,” Ms. Kaplan told the jury.

“The law says you can consider Donald Trump’s wealth as well as his malicious and spiteful continuing conduct in making that assessment,” Ms. Kaplan said, adding, “Now is the time to make him pay for it, and now is the time to make him pay dearly.”

It must have been delicious using Trump’s own absurd lies about his wealth against him.

Friday, 26 January 2024