Netflix Games Continue to Gain Traction, Led in Part by ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Titles

Sarah Perez, reporting a few weeks ago for TechCrunch:

Just over two years ago, Netflix announced it would enter a new business: gaming. Amid a mobile gaming market dominated by free-to-play and ad-supported business models, Netflix’s plan was to make its games free without ads or in-app purchases. The gambit may now be starting to pay off. In 2023, Netflix Games downloads increased by over 180% year-over-year, according to estimates from market intelligence firm Sensor Tower. In total, the games have been downloaded 81.2 million times worldwide across the App Store and Google Play in 2023, with the fourth quarter accounting for around 53% of those downloads.

Apple’s updated new policies regarding game streaming (and “mini-games” — but GTA titles sure aren’t mini) might help Netflix in this regard.

Saturday, 27 January 2024