Yours Truly on ‘Big Technology’

Alex Kantrowitz:

John Gruber is the author of Daring Fireball. He joins Big Technology Podcast for a mega episode on the state of Apple. We cover: 1) The company’s vibe amid revenue declines 2) The impact of its services business 3) Its position in China 4) How AI might change the user interface of computing 5) Can Apple keep up with the changes if we move beyond the screen 6) Gruber’s reaction to the Vision Pro 7) The stakes of Apple’s Vision Pro bet 8) Apple conflict with Meta and who is getting the best of it 9) Is Apple too attached to its App Store fees 10) Who might succeed Tim Cook?

This is the longest episode in Big Technology Podcast history. But also a masterclass from Gruber on the state of a company he’s covered for two decades. Enjoy!

I have simply come to accept that my mere presence on a podcast makes it longer. But I really enjoyed this, and think you will too.

Wednesday, 7 February 2024