There Were 3D Cameras Capturing the NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Malcom Owen, writing for AppleInsider:

Owners of the Apple Vision Pro may get a lot more basketball content to watch using the headset, with the NBA Slam Dunk Contest offering a close look at a camera used to capture the immersive video. [...]

In a clip of the first-round highlights from the 2024 NBA Slam Dunk Contest tipped by @lujahehe on X, an unusual camera is displayed next to the judges. The camera isn’t mentioned or used at all during the broadcast nor particularly highlighted by the camera, but it happens to appear fairly prominently in the frame.

It seems very likely that is a stereoscopic camera, but I wouldn’t assume that’s it’s specifically Apple’s. Could just as well be the NBA’s. But if I had to bet, I’d bet it was Apple’s, or is part of an exclusive deal between Apple and the NBA.

And surely, they had cameras in other locations too. Watching the dunk contest from right behind the backboard must be astonishing.

Monday, 19 February 2024