Textpattern Turns 20

Stef Dawson, on the Textpattern blog:

Twenty years ago, the landscape was very different. There was advertising, sure, but nowhere near the scale of today. And, perhaps to celebrate the fact that Dean Allen’s newly created CMS was so small, nimble, lightweight, yet powerful — or perhaps because its creator was an eccentric genius — the fanfare surrounding the official birth of Textpattern was this:

Public Gamma 1.10 is up. I’m going to bed.

(from Textism)

That was it; the extent of the marketing campaign. Nothing more. Nothing less. A factual statement and an indicator that the road to reach it from the numerous alpha and beta releases throughout 2001 until its naming in 2003 and public release in 2004 had been arduous, yet worth it.

I don’t hear about it much, but I’m so glad to see Textpattern is still going. And man do I still miss Dean Allen.

Wednesday, 28 February 2024