The New iPads No Longer Include Stickers

Chance Miller, reporting for 9to5Mac:

In a memo distributed to Apple Store teams on Tuesday and viewed by 9to5Mac, Apple explained that Apple stickers will not be included in the box for the new iPad Pro and iPad Air. The company says that this is part of its environmental goals, as it strives to ensure its packaging is completely plastic-free.

Apple Stores, however, are receiving shipments with a limited quantity of Apple logo stickers that can be distributed to customers who buy a new iPad Pro or iPad Air, but only upon request. So, if you buy an iPad Pro or iPad Air from an Apple Store, you can request an Apple sticker at the time of purchase.

When Apple Stores run out of their supply of stickers, they can order more from Apple.

Boo hiss. The fun of those stickers outweighs their environmental impact. Seriously, who thinks including a couple of stickers in the box is hurting the environment?

Thursday, 9 May 2024