Classic Marathon Is Now on Steam

Even the user manual brings back memories. (“This manual contains sarcastic language that some readers might find condescending.”) From the “Performance Notes” section:

For Power Mac Users
If you need more speed, you better call the Apple Dealer where you bought your computer, ’cuz he probably sold you a Centris in a Power Mac case. Keep in mind however, that as of System 7.5 the sound drivers in the Power Mac are still running under emulation. You will, therefore, see speed gains by decreasing the number of sound channels Marathon uses. [...]

For 68020 Mac Users (Mac II, LC, LCII)
Unfortunately you are at the bottom of the food chain here. You will probably want to run in low res at 50% screen size with no floor or ceiling textures, no music, one channel sound, and with the every other scan line option selected. In all honesty though, you’ll probably want to run on a Power Mac. Look on the bright side, Apple just lowered their prices again...

I owned an LC at the time, but played all my Marathon at the Drexel student newspaper on Power Macs. They really shouldn’t have even claimed it ran at all on 68020 Macs.

Friday, 10 May 2024