Jason Kint, on X:

As I’ve said in the past, nothing makes a statement on important news close to the newspaper front page. Across America, almost every editor went with the simple fact, “Guilty.”

Quite the collection of front pages.

Trump and his lickspittles can and will argue that the trial was unjust. The state of New York was against him. The city was against him. The judge was against him. But it wasn’t the state, city, or judge who convicted him. It was a jury of 12 ordinary citizens, chosen jointly by prosecutors and Trump’s own lawyers. That’s the beauty and power of our criminal justice system.

Trump’s not arguing that the jury made a mistake. Nor is he arguing that this trial, and this trial alone, is corrupt. He’s arguing that the bedrock of our entire system of justice is rigged. That was predictable, but it still takes one’s breath away.

Friday, 31 May 2024