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Two options are available for readers who wish to support Daring Fireball by becoming paid members:

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The classic Daring Fireball T-shirt

Membership Extras: Members-Only RSS Feeds

It is essential to note that Daring Fireball is and will remain a free web site. New articles and the complete archive are available to all, free of charge. This is a good thing. However, paying supporters do get access to a few members-only perquisites, including separate full-content RSS feeds for articles and the Linked List (my daily list of links and blurbs related to Mac, web, and design nerdery).

Each member receives a unique access “key”. The members-only syndicated feeds require authentication; use your email address as the username, and your member key as the password.

The URL for the full-content feed is:

For the Linked List feed:

A single combined feed encompassing both the full-content and Linked List feeds:

Your custom key will be sent via email as soon as your payment is processed.

Lost/Forgotten Membership Keys

Members who’ve lost their keys can have them resent using the membership key retrieval form. The reminder message also contains instructions for how to subscribe to these feeds if your aggregator does not prompt you for a username and password.