Andy Hertzfeld is one of the genuine titans of Mac history. Not only did he write an enormous chunk of the original toolbox APIs and a ton of innovative Mac software, but, by all accounts, he’s also a nice guy. And to top it off, he’s a great writer.

His most recent project is Folklore, a web site about the development of the original Macintosh, written by the people who were actually there. (Actually, Hertzfeld has designed the software behind the Folklore web site such that it can host stories about multiple projects, but for now, the history of Macintosh is the only one.)

It’s a great web site full of great stories. The vast majority so far are written by Hertzfeld, but there are also contributions from Bruce Horn, Susan Kare, and Donn Denman. You’ll want to read the whole thing, straight through. There’s even an RSS feed so you can stay up-to-date as new stories are added.

It’s like a giant 20th-anniversary-of-the-Mac birthday present for the entire Mac community. Insanely great, indeed.