Just a Bunch of Links, but They’re Good Links, I Swear

  • Bare Bones Software has a PDF download of Rich Siegel’s interview by Jason Snell from the Spring 2004 issue of Mac Developer Journal (the content of which is normally only available to paying subscribers, and even then only via the generally-regarded-as-sucky Zinio format).

  • Speaking of Bare Bones, BBEdit 7.1.4 is out. Best new feature: we can now modify the application’s search and replacement strings via the scripting interface.

  • I mentioned Andy Hertzfeld’s wonderful Folklore web site right after it debuted, and if you have any sense at all, you’re obsessively reading each new article as it’s published. But in case you aren’t, Hertzfeld’s story about Switcher — the first multitasking software for the Mac (circa 1985) — is just amazing. Switcher was so cool, and the Mac so important to Microsoft, that Hertzfeld negotiated with Bill Gates one-on-one for the rights. And, of course, Gates tried to screw him. It’s a great story.

  • Chris Klimas interviews John Calhoun, author of the all-time classic Mac game Glider, and who now works as a programmer at Apple. (Via Michael Tsai’s Weblog.)

  • If you’re interested in what’s new in iTunes 4.5, Jim Heid’s Mac iLife Site has extensive, detailed coverage. Everything from tweaking the little arrows so that they point to songs in your library, rather than the ITMS, to a look at the new Apple Lossless audio format.