Markdown, my text-filtering plug-in for Movable Type, won third place in Six Apart’s Plug In To Movable Type 3.0 Developer’s Contest; my prizes include a new 40 GB iPod, a $100 ITMS gift certificate, and a copy of Adobe Creative Suite Premium. (Jay Allen won the grand prize for his essential comment-spam-blocking plug-in, MT-Blacklist.)

The awards were announced last night at the opening session of the BlogOn conference. I was unable to attend, but I did write a short acceptance speech to be read in my absence in case I won:

The year: 1980. The place: the winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid, New York.

A young, rag-tag team of American hockey players — more boys than men, really — faced off against the quote-unquote “unbeatable” Soviet Red Army. As they skated off the final seconds of their improbable upset victory, announcer Al Michaels asked the immortal question: Do you believe in miracles?

With this award for Markdown, my Movable Type plug-in, my answer to that question is “Yes”. Thank you.