Membership Keys

New feature for Daring Fireball members: self-service membership key retrieval.

If you lose/forget/misplace your membership key — which is used for accessing the members-only RSS feeds — simply go to the aforelinked page and enter your email address. If that address is associated with one or more membership keys, the information regarding those keys will be emailed to you.

I’ve already received a sprinkling of email from people who’ve lost their keys, but even more email from members who never got their keys in the first place. The order processing apparatus automatically emails your key as soon as your PayPal transaction is complete. (eSellerate orders are processed manually and thus take a bit longer, but generally only a few hours.) My guess is that in the cases where members “never got” their keys, overzealous spam filters mis-flagged the messages containing the membership confirmation and key information.

The reminder message will come from <>, so if you’re using KnowSpam or another similar spam-blocker, please add that address to your whitelist before using the form.

You’ll need to use the same email address you used for the payment transaction. Any problems, let me know.