Prizes for 2005 Membership Drive

During last year’s membership drive, I had a terrific line-up of prizes to give away to randomly-selected members. To kick off the final week of this year’s drive, I’m happy to announce another great list of prizes.

Here’s the line-up:

This is somewhere north of US$3,000 in prizes; my sincere thanks to all of the above companies for their support of Daring Fireball.

Here’s how the prizes will be awarded:

  1. Deadline is October 31, 2005.

  2. Anyone who has signed up for a membership or purchased a t-shirt after June 1, 2005 is eligible for the drawing. So everyone who has already joined earlier this month is eligible, as are those who signed up or renewed earlier this summer.

  3. Winners will be selected randomly, using a simple Perl script along the lines of:

    print int(rand($number_of_members));
  4. Each member can only win once. I.e. if there are 21 prizes, there will be 21 winners.

  5. Eligible members may, optionally, submit a list ranking the order of the packages they’re hoping to win. E.g., if you already own a license for one or more of the prizes, you’d rank those apps last. To submit a list, send an email with the prizes listed in your preferred order to this special address:

    Note: Only messages sent to this address will be considered. If you send a message to any other email address, it will not count toward ranking your prizes.

    Any winner who has submitted a message to this address will be awarded their top-ranked app from the remaining prizes. Any winner who has not submitted a message to this address will be awarded a random prize.