Buy New iPods From Amazon and Support Daring Fireball

If you’re (a) itching to buy one or more of the new iPods announced today; (b) looking to help support Daring Fireball; and (c) willing to wait a bit longer for your iPod to ship than it would from Apple; then please consider ordering from this link to’s new iPods page. You pay the same price as from, and I get a nifty 5-6 percent kickback from Amazon.

From now until the end of September, if you use my affiliate links to place any order at Amazon for $199 or more, send me an email stating which items you ordered, and I’ll hook you up with a one-year Daring Fireball membership (or a one-year extension if you’re already a member). There’s also a link with my affiliate code to Amazon’s home page at the bottom of every page on this site.

The affiliate reports I get from Amazon only include the items, prices, and dates — there’s no info about who, for obvious privacy reasons. So this DF-membership-for-Amazon-patronage deal is on the honor policy.

I’m not sure exactly how much longer it’s going to take for today’s new iPods to ship from Amazon — Amazon’s metadata is obviously a bit confused at the moment, considering that the new Nanos are marked both as “usually ships in 2 to 3 days” and “In stock on October 26, 2035”. I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to take 29 years. Update: Well, they fixed that bug already — they’re now marked as “available for pre-order”.