My Favorite CARS Moment

John Moltz, the man who has written and “designed” Crazy Apple Rumors Site since its inception six years ago, is putting the site on hiatus. This piece from October 2006 is probably my favorite bit of media criticism regarding DF ever.

True story: Last year, I was initially rejected for a media credential for Macworld Expo. I, of course, complained to friends, self-important prick that I am. Moltz, upon hearing my complaints, does two things. First, he wrote this piece mocking IDG’s press policy. (A surprising amount of stuff in CARS that sounds made up is completely true, including this one.) Second, it ends up that Phil Schiller, for real, is a huge CARS fan. So Moltz told me he’d “put in a good word” for me. I have no idea what that means exactly, but next thing I knew, I had a press credential for Macworld Expo.

It’s also worth pointing out that over the long run, Moltz’s fake rumors were generally more accurate that most of those from the ostensibly serious Mac rumor sites.

All of which is to say that perhaps, in some way, we’re maybe going to sort of miss CARS. I guess.