The Talk Show, or at Least Half of It, Live at Macworld

So Macworld magazine has something called a “podcast booth” in their exhibit area on the Expo show floor: South Hall, S-2314. I’ll be recording a special episode of The Talk Show there at 1 pm (Pacific) today. My co-host Dan Benjamin, alas, is not here at the Expo, but I will instead be joined by Mr. Cabel Sasser.

Unlike last year, there’s no seating for an audience, but they are pumping the audio out so that spectators can listen in. Short notice, I know, but given that there’s no seating, I thought it unwise to promote this in advance. If you’re here at the Expo, though, and want to listen in, please stop by. For the rest of you, we’ll hopefully have the audio up as a new Talk Show episode later this week.