New Daring Fireball T-Shirts

I’m happy to announce that Daring Fireball t-shirts are once again available.

  • New Design — New this year is a shirt with more or less inverted colors: a dark gray DF logo printed on a light gray shirt. American Apparel calls the exact color “silver”. See here for an example photo from AA. Also available is the classic original DF logo shirt.

  • Schedule — I’ll be taking orders from today through next Wednesday, April 15. At that point the order will go off to my friend Brian Jaramillo at Oddica (purveyors of fine t-shirts), and the shirts should be printed and shipped starting in early May.

  • Girls Cut Shirts? — I announced these new shirts on Twitter this morning, and got a few replies inquiring about girls cut shirts. I wasn’t planning to offer them, but if there’s sufficient demand, I’ll add them. So, if you’d like to buy either of these two shirts in a girls cut shirt, please send an email to me at this address, and let me know in the body which color you’d prefer: classic asphalt or the new silver (or both). If there’s sufficient demand I’ll update the order form and announce them here in a day or two.

This month marks the third year that I’ve been writing Daring Fireball as a full-time effort. T-shirt sales and membership donations no longer constitute the majority of this site’s revenue, but they remain a significant part of it. My original (years ago) goal was to take this site full-time based on nothing but direct reader support; that didn’t work out, but t-shirt sales and donations remain, to me, the purest form of support. I’m pretty proud of what I’ve accomplished with Daring Fireball: a self-published, profitable web site for which I never borrowed any money, and have accepted only a modicum of advertising and sponsorships.

This has only been possible because of the direct support of readers like you, and I can’t thank you enough.