Linked List: April 27, 2009

Less Like Oration 

Tim Bray:

There’s nothing much on the Net that’s without precedent in spoken language. What’s new is that written discourse is becoming less like oration and more like conversation. It’s not clear that this is bad.

Amazon Acquires Lexcycle, Makers of Stanza iPhone E-Book App 

I hope some of Stanza’s usability transfers over to the Kindle iPhone app.

Level & Tap 

New web site from Tom Watson, “dedicated to selling curated photography prints”. Lovely site design and some stunning photos. My favorite so far: Sara Flemming’s “In Waiting”.

Forbes Posts Transcript of Steve Jobs’s March 2008 SEC Deposition 

Obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request. Some truly fascinating exchanges.

The Extreme Google Brain 

Joe Clark:

Companies committed to a culture of antidesign (also consultants like Jakob Nielsen) may occasionally succeed in the marketplace, but they do so in spite of their antidesign, not because of it. Of course we can’t prove that; we can’t run a controlled experiment, let alone 41 of them with distinct shades of blue. It is merely one of those things a visually literate person knows.

‘Let It Shine’ 

Must-see Honda Insight advertisement on Vimeo. Wow.