ExitJunction: Scumbags Who Hijack Your Back Button History

Real shocker that TG Daily, the site that publishes Rob Enderle’s jackassery, would embed JavaScript in their pages from a company that hijacks your Back button. Reminds me of Tynt, the copy/paste jerks.

A solution for Safari users: Drew Thaler’s JavaScript Blacklist extension. I’ve been using it for years. My blacklist:

tynt.com, intellitxt.com, snap.com, kontera.com, AdGardener.com, apture.com, wibiya.com, doubleclick.net, getconnected.southwestwi-fi.com, d1.openx.org, meebo.com, addthis.com, serving-sys.com, po.st, cdn.taboolasyndication.com, exitjunction.com

Monday, 22 April 2013