The Tiny Type Museum and Time Capsule

Speaking of Glenn Fleishman (who, I’ll add, is my guest on the latest episode of The Talk Show), he’s got a Kickstarter project that is heading into the final two days with just a wee bit to go before getting funded:

The Tiny Type Museum and Time Capsule is a celebration of type and printing, and an effort at preserving history for future generations to re-discover. Each custom, handmade wood museum case holds a couple dozen genuine artifacts from the past, including a paper mold for casting newspaper ads in metal, individual pieces of wood and metal type, a phototype “font,” and a Linotype “slug” (set with your own message), along with original commissioned art and a letterpress-printed book and a few replicas of items found in printing shops. […]

I realize the museum’s price isn’t low, but the intent is for it to be comprehensive, authentic, and long-lasting. Sourcing and commissioning material, building a custom case designed to last centuries (and likely longer), and having the book printed in a historically accurate and archival method adds up quickly.

I wanted to do this right, have it be meaningful, and produce a treasure that will last the ages, and you’ll be proud to own, examine, and share.

Each Tiny Type Museum is $1,000, but you can get the letterpress-printed book for $200 and the e-book version is just $10. If you love typography and printing history, this project is irresistible.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019