Edge Magazine’s Cover Story on Playdate

My own excitement about Playdate aside, Jen Simpkins’s cover story for the new issue of Edge magazine (issue #333) is just a terrific read and an amazing behind-the-scenes look at how a 4-year project comes to life. Edge doesn’t publish on the web — how old-school cool is that? — but there are a few ways to read it:

  • Panic has a brief excerpt on the Playdate website.
  • You can buy a hard copy of Edge #333 for $10.
  • Edge is part of Apple News+, so if you’re a News+ subscriber (or sign up for a trial), you can read the whole thing.

One more thing: if you visit the media page on the Playdate site using an iPhone or iPad, Panic has created two ARKit models of the Playdate hardware. It’s fun to play with, and gives you a good sense of the device’s size.

Thursday, 23 May 2019