Halide 1.14’s Lens Switcher and Field-of-View Guides

Speaking of Halide, version 1.14 is out and has some sweet UI ideas for the 3-camera system on iPhone 11 Pro. Ben Sandofsky:

At a glance, our lens switcher looks the same as before; we kept it in the same spot so it doesn’t interfere with your viewfinder and is within easy reach. Keeping the viewfinder clear of any obstructions is one of our highest priorities.

It works similarly, too, at first glance: just keep tapping to cycle between 1x, 2x, and 0.5x sizes.

Unfortunately, switching cameras has a bit of a delay. If you’re composing a shot and want to compare the 0.5x and 1x lenses, cycling past that 2x lens feels slow and clunky. No sweat. Haptic touch (or in common parlance, long press) the lens button to bring up our lens switcher.

This is a really clever bit of UI, very well-implemented. And part of that, as Sandofsky notes, is that it never obstructs the viewfinder.

Tuesday, 1 October 2019