My thanks to Rogue Amoeba for sponsoring this week at DF to promote SoundSource, their powerful Mac menu bar app that provides quick access to audio devices, per-app volume control, and much more.

One year ago — to the day! — I wrote about SoundSource 4:

[I]f you’re not familiar with SoundSource, their description is spot-on: “Sound control so good, it ought to be built in”.

Basically, SoundSource is a menu bar app that gives you quick access to input and output devices, and level settings, and lets you apply equalizer effects — both system-wide and on a per-app basis. All with a thoughtful, intuitive interface […] a great example of a distinctive, branded UI that still looks and feels in every way like a standard Mac app.

If you’re doing more with audio on your Mac now — remote meetings, Skype calls, recording podcasts, whatever — and wish you had more control over your audio input and output devices, you’re going to love SoundSource. It encapsulates a lot of features in a very easy to understand interface. (If you’re into decluttering your menu bar icons, SoundSource can fully replace the system’s built-in Volume menu item — take a look in SoundSource’s preferences for the alternate menu bar icon that shows your current volume. Update: And Sound Source’s “Super Volume Keys” feature lets you use your keyboard volume keys to control the volume of any speakers connected to your Mac.)

Try it out: download the free trial, and use coupon code DF2020 to save 20% when you purchase by April 10.

Saturday, 4 April 2020