Tara AI

My thanks to Tara AI for sponsoring last week at Daring Fireball. They first sponsored DF a few weeks ago to promote their 1.0 release; they’re back this week to unveil Tara AI for teams.

Tara AI is a simple yet powerful Jira alternative, designed for developers and teams who are moving rapidly. Tara AI is fast, with minimal setup. This means built-in views once your Git repository is synced, and one-click sprints. They make running agile easy, and it is designed for development teams — the focus of the platform is to help teams ship early and often, with documentation, tasks, and sprints synced to pull requests and commits.

Tara AI’s Github sync and Gitlab integration are now live. DF readers can sign up and use Tara AI for free, with no user limits.

Sunday, 22 November 2020