How to Use the New Apple TV Remote’s Jog-Shuttle Gesture

Good video demo from Dave Mark. The non-obvious trick is that you need to first pause the video you’re watching, then hold your thumb on the ring for a moment before you start spinning. You know you’re in jog mode when you see the jog cursor above the timeline of the video on screen. (In a nice touch, the rotating dot on the on-screen jog dial keeps pace with your thumb’s location on the physical ring.)

Also, I made a mistake in my review of the new remote: you can’t really use it to scroll through vertical lists on tvOS (like in the Settings app). Running your thumb around the ring in a vertical list does move the selection, but it moves the selection up and down as your thumb goes up and down. We regret the error. (This would be a nice feature for Apple to add to tvOS, in my opinion — it should work for scrolling lists.)

Sunday, 30 May 2021