Reuters: OpenAI to Announce Google Search Competitor on Monday

Anna Tong, reporting for Reuters:

OpenAI plans to announce its artificial intelligence-powered search product on Monday, according to two sources familiar with the matter, raising the stakes in its competition with search king Google. […]

The announcement could be timed a day before the Tuesday start of Google’s annual I/O conference, where the tech giant is expected to unveil a slew of AI-related products.

Remember the thing about Netflix being in a race to become HBO before HBO could become Netflix? My money here is that Google can become OpenAI (with generative AI) before OpenAI can become Google (with search), because I just don’t think OpenAI has any sort of moat around ChatGPT. They’re ahead but everyone else is nipping at their heels.

But: Google has left itself vulnerable by allowing the quality of Google Search results to degrade so much in recent years. Google remains dominant in search, but their share has started dropping.

Update: Sam Altman says nope, not a search engine, but they are launching something new Monday.

Friday, 10 May 2024