Introducing the Linked List

New feature at Daring Fireball: the Linked List, a daily list of interesting links and brief commentary on DF-related topics, updated frequently but not frenetically. Call it a “link log”, or “linkblog”, or just “a good way to dick around on the Internet for a few minutes a day”.

Here’s the hook: the best way to follow along from home is to subscribe to the Linked List RSS feed, but which is only available to Daring Fireball members. Members can subscribe to the feed using a URL in the following form:

Everyone is free to browse the Linked List web archives; however, the only daily index is the RSS feed, and there’s a one-day delay before new links are posted to the web archives. In other words, the RSS feed is the only way to get the links fresh, and the only way to subscribe to the feed is to become a member.

Going forward, I might experiment with other ways to present the Linked List on the web site, but for now, it’s basically intended to be read via RSS. The one-day delay isn’t intended to be punitive toward non-members; the idea is more that the Linked List is intended as a nice members-only extra.

It’s been up and running since Friday, so you can peruse the June archives for a taste. Join now, and you can follow along today as I link to WWDC-related announcements...