Best Dell Ad Ever

An amused DF reader sent in this photo of an ad from Dell for their new XPS 12, “a powerful laptop and tablet in one”.

Photo of an airport terminal billboard from Dell for the XPS 12, a hybrid laptop/tablet. Ad slogan: “The Dell XPS 12 looks like a MacBook Air merged with an iPad.”

Let’s count the ways in which this is great:

  1. It’s a PC ad whose entire premise is that the MacBook Air and iPad are popular and well-designed.

  2. It’s from Dell, whose founder and CEO was asked in 1997 what he’d do if he were in charge of Apple. His reply: “I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders.”

  3. The device in question doesn’t actually look much at all like a MacBook Air or an iPad. It looks like a broken chair.

  4. The quote is from this tweet by one Christopher Boyd, which reads in its entirety:

    The Dell XPS 12 Duo looks like a MacBook Air merged with an iPad. So cool and ultraportable. #ApplesDaysAreNumbered

It’s unclear why Dell omitted the hashtag.